Friday, December 13, 2013

Fat Shaming...are we ruining our little girl's view of herself?

Article that sent me on a quest to get an answer...
  Have you ever posted a status update that you feel really fat today?  Or your ass is so big?  Or my face is so fat today?  I can say that I have in fact said or posted something to that effect a few times...I can't say how many cause I didn't go back and count...but it's happened.
I was reading the above article on yahoo and I sending a bad message to my daughter.   I have heard my mother in law put herself down on more than one occasion.   I have even mentioned to her that I don't want Catie to hear her say things like that.  I want her to feel powerful and not self abusive.  My mother in law had no idea she was even impacting Catie.
 After reading the article I decided to talk to Catie about what I had read...she was confused and had no idea what I was talking about.  Apparently she isn't listening when we are talking...
I asked if she heard those kinds of things at school...she denied hearing these things at school...I have no idea if she is and is not sharing with me or if she just doesn't listen to the other girls conversations.  Catie isn't like other girls...she has little care for what the other girls are doing and tends think they are very childish.
I want to know are other girls hearing those conversation...are they learning to abuse themselves like we do or are they like Catie and ignoring it for the most part.   I wonder if they are learning at young age to behave this way as early as 10 or is it older closer to 15 or 16?
I posted some pictures that I have taken and said or thought the same horrible things about myself.  I am going to practice saying to myself "I am beautiful"  
I hope you will do the same and make sure you are letting your daughters hear you say it.

just one more interesting bit I found on upworthy...